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Hanoï - Dien Bien Phu - Cao Bang - Lang Son - Ha Long - Ho Chi Minh city


A message from our Travel Expert

Discover the beauty of Vietnam through the major historical sites in the North of the country and the Mekong Delta in the South, for a cultural and authentic stay.



  • 9 nights

  • The discovery of the capital Hanoi and its shopping alleys in the famous 36 corporations district

  • Bike rides, for visits at your own pace, close to the local fauna and flora.

  • Cruise and night on a junk on Ha Long Bay, 8th wonder of the world classified at the UNESCO

  • Visiting historical sites, such as Dien Bien Phu, the main remnant of the war of Indochina

  • The discovery of the traditional market of Sa Pa, totally off the beaten track

  • Walking tours through typical Vietnamese villages and not very touristy

Day 1 : ARRIVAL IN HANOI : XIN CHAO !  (-/-/-)

Arrival in Hanoi by flight ____ at ____ (Flight is booked by you). English speaking guide and private vehicle.

•    Landing at Hanoi Airport
•    Your guide will welcome you at the airport exit with a signboard with your name
•    Car ride to the city centre (45 Km / 1h)
•    Hanoï visit
•    Check-in at the Hotel (Rooms are available starting from 2.00 PM)

Fasten your seatbelts and recline your seat, we start our descent to Hanoi Airport. Welcome to the country of the “Asian Dragon” ! Hanoi, capital city of the reunified Vietnam, is a true colonial architecture museum on the banks of the red river. Indeed, the city has managed to preserve the old fashioned charm of the French colonial period based on the modernization of the city that started in 1882, and took place till 1955. Since then, the aspect of the city didn’t changed a lot.

As soon as you’ll board off the plane, you’ll get the benefit of a privileged welcome : One escort and a porter will wait for you with a personalized signboard.
Leaving the airport, you’ll rejoin your vehicle to transfer to your hotel. Rooms are available starting from 2.00PM.

In the heart of the Red River delta, the famous “City between the rivers” is offering a unique and contrasted urban landscape, made of lakes inviting you to rest and meditate, in between intense traffic, contemporary buildings and traditional houses.

The first president of the Vietnam democratic republic is a fundamental and omnipresent personality for the Vietnamese. The visit of the exterior of the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and his former residence will familiarize you with his history. Hanoi city has other omissible sites like the “Unique Pillar Pagoda”, the “Temple of literature” dedicated to Confucius and the “Ngoc Son” Temple on Hoan Kim lake.

The best way to discover the capital city at your pace is probably to take a walk in the frenzy streets of the old district. This old urban center, also called the 36 corporations district is the heart of the capital. Here, boutiques, restaurants and bars are always crowded. It is the ideal spot to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and taste the exceptional Hanoi street food (not included).

Day 2 : HANOI – HOA LU – HANOI (Breakfast/-/-)

English-speaking guide and private transportation

•    7:00 am : Breakfast
•    8:00 am : Departure for Hoa Lu (110 Km / 2h30)
•    10:30 am : Boat ride (1h30)
•    12:00 pm : Lunch at leisure
•    1:00 pm : Bike ride (1h) and visit of the Bich Dong pagoda
•    2:00 pm : Return to Hanoi (110 Km / 2h30)
•    4:30 pm : Arrival in Hanoi and puppet show (45 min)
•    5:30 pm : Return to your hotel

Hoa Lu is located in the middle of a small valley, surrounded by limestone, rice fields and small canals. Nicknamed the « terrestrial Ha Long », this magnificent site was Vietnam capital city under the reign of the Dinh Le dynasty during the 10th century.

Today reputation of Hoa Lu in Ninh Binh province has been set thanks to the build of many pagodas, temples and palaces by multiple dynasty’s.

 You’ll appreciate this atypical scenery in an intimate way by going for an unforgettable cruise on board small traditional sampans. All along the river, the very well preserved nature and the 3 caves of Hang Chua, Hang Ghe and Hang But, are adding to the charm and greatness of the site.

To continue your day you will have a nice bicycle tour on dry land and visit the Bich Dong pagoda, known as "de Jade" pagoda, appearing in the middle of the watery scenery and the greens. Built as early as 1428, this pagoda is a pilgrimage destination and has been listed by the UNESCO as part of world patrimonial. It is made of 3 buildings, Ha (lower), Trung (middle) and Thuong (higher), recessed in a mountain.

Transfer back to Hanoi. Rest of afternoon at leisure.  In the evening, you will have the opportunity to experience a famous traditional water puppet show with real hand-carved wooden dolls and colorful dragons bring local legends to life. Dinner at leisure and overnight at the hotel.

Day 3 : HANOI – DIEN BIEN PHU (Breakfast/-/-)

English-speaking guide and private transportation

•    8:00 am : Breakfast
•    9:00 am : Free time
•    11:10 am: Flight to Dien Bien Phu (1h15 flight - with guide - VN8202 11h10/12h25)
•    12:30 pm : Arrival in Dien Bien Phu and lunch at leisure
•    1:30 pm : Visit of the historical sites of the city
•    4:30 pm: Stroll to the local market
•    5:00 pm : Check into your hotel

Today you will take a short flight to Dien Bien Phu province! It is a province, which is joined by the Pha Din Pass - a spectacular pass used by Ho Chi Minh's troops to supply the siege of Dien Bien Phu during the famous battle against the French - is a must-see site in northwestern Vietnam.  Lunch at leisure upon arrival.

After lunch you will begin the visits of several historical sites of the city, starting with a museum is dedicated to the last battle of the Indochina War, won by the Viet Minh in 1954. The underground shelter of General de Castries and hill A1, the central place of the battle, are the last vestiges of this page of history, which marked the decolonization in Southeast Asia.

This city, a remnant of the Indochina War, is a place steeped in history but also a rural and mountainous territory. This small plain of Upper Tonkin, country of the Thais, is home to beautiful and fascinating rice valleys.  You will end the day by visiting a traditional local market of Dien Bien Phu a meeting place for ethnic minorities and a place to discover local products. Transfer to your hotel. Rest of evening and meals at leisure. Night at the hotel.

Day 4 : DIEN BIEN PHU – HANOI (Breakfast/-/-)

English-speaking guide and private transportation


  • 8:30 pm : Breakfast

  • 9:30 pm : Visit of the historical sites of the city

  • 12:00 pm: Lunch at leisure

  • 1:00 pm : Meeting with the inhabitants

  • 3:50 pm : Flight to Hanoi (1h15 flight - with guide - VN8205 15h50/16h50)

  • 4:50 pm : Arrival in Hanoi and installation at your hotel


New day, new visit in the heart of Dien Bien Phu and the old battlefield. Immersion in History with the visit of Colonel de Castries' CP and 9 hills named after women by the military. Explanation of the life led during the war with the discovery of General Giap's headquarters during the campaign of Dien Bien Phu. Lunch at leisure.


In the afternoon, you will have the chance to have a close encounter with the local inhabitants, by discovering the rural and traditional aspect of the territory by going to meet several ethnic tribes in Thai and Hmong villages. Transfer to airport for flight back to Hanoi with guide. Upon arrival to Hanoi transfer to your hotel. Rest of evening and meals at leisure. Night at the hotel.

Day 5 : HANOI – CAO BANG (Breakfast/-/-)

English-speaking guide and private transportation

•    7:00 am : Breakfast
•    8:00 am : Departure for Cao Bang (280 Km / 6h)
•    12:00 pm : Lunch at leisure
•    2:00 pm: Arrival at Cao Bang and continuation to Pac Bo (50 Km / 1h15)
•    3:15 pm : Arrival at Pac Bo and discovery of the historical site
•    5:00 pm : Check-into your hotel

Today you will departure towards the town of Cao Bang - former CP of General Charton who was evacuated in October 1950. This border territory with China can be discovered off the beaten track, between mountains and wilderness. An important part of the history of the Indochina War is hidden among these splendid landscapes. In 1950, the forces of Việt Minh attacked the French Expeditionary Corps, which wanted to evacuate the area. Lunch at leisure upon arrival at Cao Bang. 

After lunch continuation to Pac Bo for the visit of the historical site of Pac Bo, nestled in picturesque valleys, this place is closely linked to the revolutionary life of Ho Chi Minh. In 1941, after thirty years abroad, the leader of the country's independence took refuge in the cave of Cốc Bó and prepared battle plans. Touching and honorable stories about this historic place in Vietnam are told to preserve and immortalize memory and history. Transfer to your hotel for check-in. Rest of evening and meals at leisure. Night at the hotel.

Day 6 : CAO BANG – DONG KHE – THAT KHE – LANG SON (Breakfast/-/-)

English-speaking guide and private transportation

•    8:30 am : Breakfast
•    9:30 am : Departure for Lang Son (125 Km / 3h)
•    12:30 pm : Lunch at leisure
•    1:30 pm : Arrival in Lang Son and visit of an old French fort.
•    3:00 pm : Visit of Ky Lua Cave
•    4:30 pm : Check- in to your hotel

In the morning, road through the famous RC4, 'colonial road 4' which connected, during the colonial period, the garrisons of Cao Bang towards Lang Son to continue towards the commercial port of Hai Phong. 
Stops are planned at the Lung Phai, That Khé and Na Cham passes, portions of the road loaded with history. The historical and cultural aspect of the region continues to be revealed in Lang Son. This city in Northeast Vietnam, on the border with China, was an essential strategic territory in charge of preventing Chinese troops from entering the country.  Lunch at leisure.

After lunch, you will continue to visit an old French fort, a rare witness of the French colonial presence offering today a beautiful view of the city and its rice fields and visit of the Ky Lua Cave made famous during the operation "Hirondelle" led by the French in 1952 to destroy an important stock of Vietnamese weapons. Late afternoon, transfer to your hotel. Rest of afternoon and evening at leisure. Dinner at leisure. Night at the hotel.

Day 7 : LANG SON – HA LONG (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

English speaking guide and private transportation. 

Non privatized Junk boat with English-speaking guide on board

•    7:00 am : Breakfast
•    7:30 am : Departure for Ha Long Bay (250 Km / 3h30)
•    11:00 am : Arrival at the pier 
•    11:30 am : Beginning of the cruise 
•    12:30 pm : Lunch on board
•    2:00 pm : Visits
•    5:30 pm : Back on the junk
•    7:00 pm : Dinner on board

Classified 8th wonder of nature and World Heritage by UNESCO since 1994, Ha Long Bay is a must see site in Vietnam. This magical place, through the famous karstic sugar loaves and thousands of islands and islets, fascinates by its emerald green water. In this paradisiacal scenery of the Gulf of Tonkin, a cruise aboard a junk promises an exceptional stay. Once on board, a seafood tasting is served while the junk enters the waters of this marine and natural treasure. 

In the afternoon, you will visit several sites and participate in activities depending on the junk booked. You come back on board the junk before sunset. When the sun goes down, a night squid fishing is organized for an ever more memorable experience. Dinner will be on board. Overnight stay on the junk.

Day 8 : HA LONG – HANOI – HO CHI MINH VILLE (Breakfast/Brunch/-)

English-speaking guide and private transportation. 
Non privatized Junk boat with English-speaking guide on board. 
•    6:30 am : Tai Chi class (optional)
•    7:30 am : Breakfast on board
•    8:30 am : Continuation of the visits
•    11:00 am : Brunch on board
•    12:00 pm : Disembarkation and departure for Hanoi airport (180 Km/3h)
•    4:00 pm : Flight to Hue (1h15 flight - without guide - VN1547 16h00/17h15)
•    5:30 pm : Arrival in Hue and check-in to your hotel

After a gentle awakening in this idyllic setting, a Tai Chi session is offered on the upper deck at sunrise. Breakfast will then be served on board while the cruise slowly resumes. The charm of Hạ Long's unique scenery will continue during a stopover in a natural cave. The cruise will arrive towards the end of the journey shortly after enjoying a brunch on board.

With its head in the clouds, Hue looms on the horizon as the next destination of this fantastic trip! Right in the center of Vietnam, this city reserves many surprises...

Day 9 : HO CHI MINH VILLE – BEN TRE – HO CHI MINH VILLE (Breakfast/Lunch/-)

English-speaking guide and private transportation


  • 7:00 am : Breakfast

  • 8:00 am : Departure for Ben Tre (90 Km / 2h)

  • 10:00 am: Boarding a boat for a cruise in the Mekong Delta

  • 11:30 am : Bike ride (1h)

  • 12:30 pm : Lunch at the inhabitant's home

  • 1:30 pm : Boat ride

  • 3:30 pm : Return to Ho Chi Minh City (90 Km / 2h)

  • 17:30 pm : Arrival in Ho Chi Minh City and return to your hotel


Day trip in the Mekong Delta!


Road to Ben Tre then board a boat for a cruise full of surprises. Along the water, you will discover the daily activities of the inhabitants such as brick-making. The province of Ben Tre is an authentic destination, a true haven of peace in the countryside of South Vietnam. Among orchards, canals and coconut trees, Ben Tre offers beautiful exotic landscapes!


Continuation to the creeks of Cai Son and Nhon Thanh where families have specialized in mat making. Tasting of the seasonal fruits then bicycle ride through the rice fields and vegetable gardens. The "land of coconut palms" can be peacefully visited on two wheels to admire the surrounding lush vegetation and the local life of the inhabitants. Lunch at an inhabitant home.


In the afternoon, you will enjoy a boat ride in the cove of Cai Coi before boarding a boat again. This cove is made up of small islands and typical local wooden houses on stilts, ideal to immerse oneself in the Vietnamese culture. Transfer back to Ho Chi Minh city. Rest of afternoon and evening at leisure. Dinner at leisure. Night at the hotel.

Day 10 : HO CHI MINH VILLE – DEPARTURE (Breakfast/-/-)

English-speaking guide and private transportation

•    8:30 am : Breakfast
•    9:30 am : Visit of Ho Chi Minh City
•    12:00 pm : Lunch at leisure
•    1:00 pm : Continuation of the visits
•    Departure to Ho Chi Minh City Airport (20 Km / 30min)
•    Flight Home

Day visit of the economic capital of Vietnam!

Today is dedicated to visit, formerly called Saigon and renamed Ho Chi Minh in 1976 after the departure of the Americans, this metropolis lives at a frantic pace, between colonial heritage and modern constructions.

The visit begins with the former colonial districts and some of the most emblematic buildings of the colonial architectural heritage. In District 1, the Central Post Office, the largest in the country, mixes Western and Eastern styles. In the same District, the exterior of the Reunification Palace certainly impresses. This building full of history, between modern and traditional architecture, marked the end of the Vietnam War when a tank rammed through the Palace's gate. The morning ends with a visit to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Saigon, built for the French Catholics during the colonial era. Lunch at leisure.

In the afternoon, discovery of the Chinatown. Formerly a marginal district of the metropolis, it is today a huge commercial area. A stroll through the pagodas and traditional Chinese stores allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Continuation by the visit of the Taoist temple Thien Hau dedicated to the goddess of the sea. Transfers to the airport, according to your flight schedule. It is time to leave this fascinating country.


  • During the tour, private air-conditioned vehicle (except boats – Local taxi - etc)

  • Accommodation in double rooms in the indicated hotels.

  • The meals specified in the program

  • Your local English speaking guide according to your program.

  • Visits mentioned in the program and entrance fees to tourist sites and national parks.

  • Hotel taxes and service

  • Our 24-hour English-speaking hotline in case of emergency during your trip

Not included

  • Visa fees (If necessary)

  • Beverages and personal expenses

  • International flights

  • Domestic flights

  • Regional flights

  • The tips for the guides are about 5 USD per night per person.

  • Repatriation and Health Insurance

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