The Siam in Cinerama

GDT 14

Your itinerary

Bangkok – Nakorn Pathom - Sukhothai – Lampang - Chiang Mai – Bangkok



  • An immersion in the daily life of Thai people.

  • Travel by tuk tuk, local taxi and long-tail boat.

  • Festive and musical cruise (local pop) with unlimited beer on the Chao Phraya River.

  • The amazing market on the rails and the floating market of Ampawa.

  • The century-old Sam Chuk market and lunch on a traditional rice barge.

  • The easy bike ride through the countryside, discovering the activities of the locals. 

  • The conservation center of the Lampang Elephant Hospital.

  • Lunch and cooking classes at the local's home.

  • The discovery of an orchid greenhouse off the tourist trail.

  • Dinner at the university market, among the students.

  • The initiation to meditation with the monks and the vegetarian meal of Buddhist tradition

  • Tips for guide(s), driver(s) and hotel(s) included.

  • Guaranteed no store and best guides

  • Typical local restaurants and specially selected menus.

The concept of Siam in Cineramascope

Inspired by this cinematographic projection process, we imagined to make you discover the ancient kingdom of Siam from three angles:

•    Immersion in the daily life of the Thai people
•    Handicraft activities in rural areas
•    An extraordinary and unusual itinerary

Day 1: Departure

Day 2: Arrival in Bangkok

•    Transfer to the hotel 
•    Check-in 
•    6:00 pm Rooftop evening 
•    7:30 pm Dinner

"We begin our descent into Bangkok. Please return to your seat and fasten your seatbelt," the purser announces. In less than 30 minutes, your plane will land in Bangkok, the "City of Angels" and capital of the Kingdom of Thailand. Once you have cleared immigration and collected your luggage, we will be waiting for you at exit C, gate 10. On the way to the hotel, as the cityscape unfolds before your eyes, you will experience the first sensations of the "Land of Smiles", as Thailand is known.

Day 3: Bangkok

•    8:00 am Take the (BTS) sky-train to National Stadium 
•    8:30 am Walk to the pier and take a klong boat taxi 
•    9:00 am Discovery of the golden mountain ‘Wat Saket’
•    10:30 am Tuk-tuk experience 
•    11:00 am Walking tour of Chinatown 
•    2:00 pm Optional visit of the Royal Palace or time at leisure 
•    6:00 pm Take the BTS sky-train and boat to the Asian night market 
•    7:00 pm Musical cruise with beer on the Chao Phraya River 
•    8:00 pm Special dinner: Asian fondue 
•    9:00 pm Time at leisure at the night market

Good morning! Today you will begin your day leaving your hotel by foot to take the Sky-train. A few stations will be enough for us to arrive at the terminus of the "National Stadium", located in the heart of the city. It is the beginning of the rush hour and the morning agitation is already a spectacle. You will take a few minutes to reach the pier to take a "klong boat-taxi", a transport boat that cruises at high speed on the canals (klongs) of the city to escape the road traffic. Our first stop is at the top of Wat Saket, also known as the Temple of the Golden Mountain. Before leaving, don't forget to make a vow by striking the huge gong three times.


A tuk-tuk ride then takes us to the heart of Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown, where it all began in 1782, when the historic district of Rattanakosin was expanded. We will get lost in the alleys of another time, in the middle of the stalls, the temples and the street restaurants. The effervescence of this district is fascinating, between gold merchants, fabric sellers and fruit and vegetable stalls. Our morning ends with a local lunch in Chinatown, among the Thai descendants of the Hokkien, Teochiew and Hakka Chinese. In the late afternoon, a river shuttle on the Chao Phraya takes us to the large Asian complex The Riverfront. It is time to embark on a small cruise and admire the illuminated banks of this great river.


It's also the occasion to taste, with moderation of course, a fresh local beer, in a musical and festive atmosphere. The famous Asian fondue will be on the menu this evening, as soon as we land on the mainland. Before returning to our hotel, we will be able to stroll at our leisure in the gigantic market. Night at the hotel and rest of evening at leisure.

Day 4: Bangkok - Train market - Ampawa floating market - Nakhom Pathom

•    8:00 am Transfer by bus to Mae Klong Train market 
•    9:45 am Visit of the market 
•    11:10 am Arrival of the train 
•    11:30 am Boat trip on the river 
•    12:00 pm Visit of the Bankang temple 
•    12:30 pm Arrival by long-tail boat at the big market of Ampawa 
•    13:00 pm Lunch on the river bank 
•    2:30 pm Free time to discover the market 
•    4:00 pm Bus to Nakhon Pathom 
•    5:00 pm Installation at the hotel 
•    7:00 pm Time at leisure to enjoy the gardens and the swimming pool 
•    7:30 pm Dinner

Early morning departure from your hotel bus. Upon exiting the highway in the province Samut Songkhram, the Mae Klong train station is in sight. We are always surprised by the very particular configuration of this food market installed on the rails of the railway. Attention! The train arrives, it is necessary to pack up the stalls in a few seconds to let pass the breathless locomotive which enters in station. Prepare your camera to capture a wonderful moment and live the experience before the train passes by and the market immediately resumes its place.

We continue the day by embarking a boat trip on the river, to the temple of Bang Kung, engulfed under the roots of banyan and very venerated by the local population. We enjoy a few moments of the fervor of the visitors and the special atmosphere before ending our river trip in the heart of the market of Amphawa which wakes up when the sun is at its zenith. 

We'll have lunch on the waterfront before walking up the canal banks lined with traditional wooden houses, cafes and old-fashioned stalls, a popular spot for Bangkokians, far from their urban occupations. After lunch you will have some time at leisure before continuing your journey by bus towards Nakorn Pathom. Here you will check-in to your hotel. Dinner at the hotel and rest of evening at leisure.

Day 5: Nakhom Pathom - Suphan Buri - Sam Chuk Centennial Market - Lunch Cruise - Sukhothai

  • 7:00 am Bus to Suphanburi

  • 9:50 am Stop at the farmers' training center

  • Tasting of Oliang coffee

  • 10:00 am Visit of the Sam Chuk Centennial Market

  • Tasting of Salee, a typical local cake

  • 12:30 pm Lunch cruise on a rice barge

  • 3:30 pm Stop at the "banana market" called "little fingers

  • 5:00 pm Bus to Sukhothai

  • 6:30 pm Check-in to your hotel

  • 8:00 pm Dinner

Road to Suphanburi. The first stop of the day will be at a Farmers' Training Center where we can see experimental rice plots. The reason we choose the province of Suphan Buri to discover the small town of Sam Chuket with its century-old market. At the entrance of the market, we taste the Oliang coffee, a drink of Chinese origin made of coffee mixed with soy, sesame seeds and other spices. It is served with ice cubes and its delicious, enjoy it. Then we visit a very well-preserved ancestral house, now a museum, where it all began. Here you will taste the dried fish on their bamboo tray next to the pastries stand. The taste buds are awakened by the smell of grilled meats and the sight of banana leaves wrapping the glutinous rice that usually accompanies the mango. The tastings follow one another in the stalls, the sellers look at us with surprise before their faces light up with a big smile: foreigners are rare. We like this multitude of colored alleys in the subdued light which recall the atmosphere of the past. A remarkable place distinguished by UNESCO, with the bonus of great encounters.

In Uthai Thani, a traditional rice barge takes us to lunch along the Sakae Krang River. A great opportunity to meet local people living in floating wooden houses and fishermen busy with the maintenance of floating bamboo baskets used for the breeding of gourami fish, the main local activity. We appreciate the impromptu stops along the roadside to enjoy bananas called "little fingers" typical of the region and prepared in a thousand and one ways. You will arrive towards the end of the day in the province of Sukhothai, where you will check-in to your hotel. Dinner at the hotel and rest of evening at leisure.

Day 6: Sukhothai – Lampang

•    8:00 am Walking tour of the historical site 
•    9:30 am ‘’Song-Taew’ (local-taxi) to Khun Mam 
•    10:00 am Bike ride in the rice fields 
•    Meeting with the local people 
•    Visit of a fish smoking workshop 
•    Visit of a rice alcohol workshop 
•    12:30 pm Lunch at a French-speaking local's house 
•    14:30 pm Bus to Lampang 
•    5:00 pm Visit of the old town by horse-drawn carriage 
•    6:00 pm Check-in at hotel 
•    7:30 pm Take a ‘’Song-Taew’ (local-taxi) to dinner in a restaurant with music 

This morning, we explore the magnificent historical site of Sukhothai, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. We will choose the walking or cycling tour to appreciate the red brick temples. The Buddha statues sparkle in the rising sun, in the midst of expanses of lotus flowers, age-old witnesses of this ancient city that was once the capital of Siam. After your historical site visit, you will take a local taxi to Khun Mam. Here is where you will start your off-the beaten bicycle ride.

While cycling through the country roads you will have impromptu stops to meet the villagers while crossing the rice fields. We spot from far the smoking workshops. The workers are busy with dexterity in cutting and preparing the fish while the coconut fire is fanned to produce the necessary smoke. Artisanal and very efficient. 

Further on, a new workshop awaits us. The explanation is interesting: rice is mixed with ferments seasoned with chilies, garlic and spices. After fermenting in large jars, it will be decanted and distilled by a surprisingly shaped still. The result lives up to expectations: a homemade rice alcohol, ready to be enjoyed in moderation. Lunch will be served at a local French-speaking house. After lunch you will take t he bus towards the province of Lampang. Upon arrival you will visit the old-town by horse-drawn carriage, a unique experience within the province. Before the night falls, you will arrive to check-in to your hotel. Dinner will be at a restaurant outside the hotel, to experience the local life. Transfer back to hotel. Night at hotel.

Day 7: Lampang - Chiang Mai

•    7:00 am Departure for the elephant hospital in Lampang 
•    8:00 am Elephant ride 
•    8:45 am Bus to Chiang Mai 
•    10:30 am Wat Suan Dok-Meditation initiation (2 x 15 minutes) 
•    11:15 am Wat Suan Dok-Offering of food to 9 monks and blessing 
•    11:30 am Wat Suan Dok-Vegetarian meal in the Buddhist tradition at the temple restaurant
•    1:00 pm Check-in at the hotel and rest time 
•    3:00 pm Drive by Songthaw (Local taxi) to Mount Doï Suthep 
•    4:00 pm Discovery of the temple and viewpoint 
•    6.30 pm Return to the hotel 
•    7:30 pm Departure by Songthaw (Local taxi) to a restaurant with musical atmosphere and return to the hotel by tuk-tuk

Today is the day to see the Thai elephants, a symbolic image of Thailand. The morning elephant ride is a special moment. We chose the Lampang Elephant Conservation Center, managed by the Thai government under the benevolence of the royal family. The elephants are cared for, fed and treated very well. This walk through the forest makes you discover the incredible agility of these pachyderms in the steep paths. Thrills guaranteed.  After a wonderful start to the day, you will continue your journey up north towards Chiang-Mai. 

Welcome to Chiang Mai, the heart of the ancient Lanna kingdom. You will begin the day by visiting The Wat Suan Dok temple, that hosts a Buddhist training center. Here you will meet monks from all over Asia who will introduce us to the principles and practice of meditation. The handing over of vegetarian food offerings to the monks is a tradition. They thank us by singing. For once, we share a traditional Buddhist vegetarian meal in the temple restaurant. A unique experience in a special atmosphere. After this, you will go to your hotel and check-in. Time to relax and freshen up. 

Early afternoon, you will take a songthaew, a local cab, to reach the top of Mount Doï Suthep, which dominates Chiang Maï in the East, where there is a temple always very frequented and venerated by the Buddhists. The view of the "Rose of the North", as Chiang Mai is known, is breathtaking. Transfer back to hotel. Time at leisure before leaving for an atmospheric dinner in the city of Chiang-mai before returning home by local chiang-mai tuk-tuk. Rest of evening at leisure and night at the hotel.

Day 8: Chiang Mai

•    8:00 am Take a Songthaw (Local taxi) from the hotel 
•    8:30 am Tribal market 
•    8:45 am Voravot market 
•    10:00 am Drive to Andong 
•    10:30 am Visit of century old Lanna style houses 
•    11:00 am Visit of the herbalist garden 
•    12:00 pm Participation in the preparation of lunch 
•    12:30 pm Lanna lunch 
•    2:00 pm Drive to Mae Jo University 
•    2:30 pm Visit of the Woodland Orchid Department 
•    3:30 pm Discovery of a greenhouse of orchids co-managed by the university 
•    5:30 pm Rest time at the hotel 
•    6:30 pm Take a Songthaw (Local taxi) to Chiang Mai Center 
•    7:00 pm Time at leisure at the night market 
•    8:00 pm Dinner with the students of Chiang Mai University

A Songthew (Local taxi) will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby. Your first visit of the day will be to Kad Luang market, it will surprise you, without a doubt, by the diversity of colors and scents. The Thai people frequent this large market, looking for the best products. Competition is fierce between vendors, and the most beautiful stalls win the game. The best manufacturers of homemade sausages and grilled pork rinds are immediately recognizable by the many buyers patiently waiting for their turn. A very interesting space is dedicated to the ethnic handicrafts of the northern tribes. 

For lunch, you will be taken to Mr. Praphat home, who will welcome us in his traditional house of pure Lanna style, more than hundred years old, a real living museum where his father, his grandfather and his great-grandfather already lived. A return to the past, in the middle of fruit trees, medicinal plants and aromatics. We participate in the preparation of the lunch under the wise advice of the whole family. 

To continue your afternoon, you will by bus towards Mae Joe university. Here you will be explained in detail about the program of re-establishment of orchids in the forest. We then discover a greenhouse of enormous orchids co-managed by the university. Transfer back to your hotel. Time to relax. In the evening, we will take local taxi to Chiang-Mai center to have dinner among the students, in a very particular atmosphere, on a market mainly frequented by Thai youth. An unvarnished immersion. Rest of evening at leisure and night at the hotel.

Day 9: Chiang Mai - Night train

•    7:00 am Procession of the monks of Doï Suthep and offerings of the morning 
•    7:45 am Breakfast at the hotel 
•    9:00 am Chiang Mai City tour by foot
•    12:30 pm Lunch at the Restaurant on the Ping River 
•    2:30 pm Group massage (1 hour) 
•    4:00 pm Time at leisure 
•    5:00 pm Transfer to the train station 
•    6:00 pm Sleeper train 2nd class with lunch box

It is early this morning and we are waiting for the monks who walk down the road to Wat Phrathat Doï Suthep to receive their daily food. We take part, like the residents, in the preparation of the traditional offerings which we give to the monks at the time of the passage of the procession. Photogenic scene of the saffron dresses in the morning light.

A last walk in the old city before heading to the train station to settle comfortably in our compartments. Be careful at the start, we will drive all night to reach the central station of Bangkok the next morning.

Day 10: Bangkok

•    6:50 am Arrival at the station of Hua Lamphong 
•    7:30 am Breakfast and shower 
•    9:00 am Transfer to the airport 
•    Departure home

The day rises and so do we. The night was a real experience on board the daily sleeper train that connects Chiang Mai to Bangkok. We leave the Hua Lamphong train station which comes alive for a hearty breakfast and a well-deserved shower. 

Thus ends our journey of unusual exploration in Thailand. After checking your luggage and passport, it is time to go to the airport where we will assist you in checking in for your flight back home
We wish you to take with you the images, the colors, the scents and the smiles of the ancient kingdom of Siam.


  • During the tour, private air-conditioned vehicle (except boats)

  • Accommodation in a double room in the indicated or similar hotels with breakfast

  • The meals specified in the program

  • Tips for guide(s), driver(s), and hotel(s) 

  • English-speaking local guides from start to finish, except seaside and during leisure time. 

  • Visits mentioned in the program, entrance fees to museums and mentioned sites. 

  • Taxes and hotel services

  • 24-hour telephone hotline during your trip, incase of an emergency

Not included

  • Visa formalities

  • Luggage carrying services

  • Drinks and personal expenses

  • International, domestic and inter-Asia flights

  • Insurance 

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