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Khao Sok - Lac Cheow Lan
2 nights


A message from our Travel Expert

During this excursion to Khao Sok, you will discover the splendors of this national park located in the south of Thailand. You will explore the prehistoric jungle of Khao Sok on a trek and admire the 160 million year old tropical flora. You will also go to the beautiful Khao Sok Lake, Cheow Lan Lake where you will spend the night on a floating house, to admire, in the early morning, the sunrise on a peaceful and preserved nature.



  • 2 nights

  • The discovery of Khao Sok National Park. 

  • A bamboo raft ride through the jungle. 

  • Local cooking class. 

  • The discovery of the famous Cheow Lan Lake. 

  • Visit and hike to the coral cave. 

  • Hiking through the lush jungle. 

Day 1: PHUKET - KHAO SOK (-/-/Dinner)

English speaking guide and private transfer from airport to hotel
Join-in transfer for excursion

•    Transfer from Phuket airport
•    12:00 Check-in at your hotel 
•    Lunch at leisure
•    2:00 pm Departure for a bamboo rafting trip or river rafting with buoys
•    4:00 pm Return to the hotel
•    7:00 pm Start of your cooking class

Welcome to Phuket! You will meet your guide upon exiting the airport, who will guide you to your vehicle. Transfer to your hotel in Khao Sok and check-in. Lunch will be at leisure. 

Khao Sok National Park and its breathtaking landscapes, shaped by nature millions of years ago, is one of them. Its tropical rainforest is reputed to be one of the oldest in the world, born before the Amazon, and is still home to many wildlife species, including Malay bears, clouded leopards and Asian elephants. 

A true invitation to discover an abundant nature that stretches on both sides of a huge reservoir surrounded by equally spectacular karst peaks. The park alone has no less than 200 floral species, making it one of the most biologically diverse areas (the average forest in Europe or North America has only about 10 species of trees per hectare). It is home to the Rafflesia kerrii (Thai for bua phut), the largest flower in the world, which can reach 90 cm in diameter and weigh 7 kg. 

It is in this green and wild setting that your lodge is nestled where you can, from sunrise to sunset, enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. In inflatable buoys or bamboo rafts, you will let yourself be carried away by the current of a river crossing the jungle, to the sound of its strange noises. 
In the evening, at dinner, you will learn how to grill meat wrapped in palm leaves over an open fire, discover how bamboo can be used to boil water and cook soups, and how to combine fresh ingredients to create a unique taste sensation. Environmentally friendly, healthy and delicious. Night at your hotel.


Day 2: KHAO SOK – CHEOW LAN LAKE (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner)

English-speaking guide and join-in transfer and group tours.

•    9:00 pm Departure from your hotel
•    9:45 am. Beginning of the canoe ride on Cheow Lan Lake
•    12:00 pm Arrival at your floating hotel and lunch included on site 
•    1:00 pm Visit of the coral cave (02h30 hike through the jungle)
•    5:00 pm Return to your hotel 
•    7:00 pm Dinner included

Good Morning! How was your first evening? Today its the day to explore the famous Lake Cheow Lan, a huge freshwater reservoir formed by the largest dam in the south of the country, is located in the heart of Khao Sok National Park. Before you begin your activities you will check-in to your floating hotel for the night. Lunch will be at leisure. 

Cheow Lan Lake, is known for its deep waters with colors turning in some places to emerald green, its limestone karsts seeming to gush out of the water and its luxuriant jungle, how not to linger there while sleeping on one of the floating hotels that made its reputation? Between swimming and canoe kayak trips, you will set off on a hike to reach the coral cave, which owes its name to the curious limestone formations that form on the stalactites of the cave and which make you think of coral branches. Late afternoon you will comeback to your hotel to relax before dinner. Overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 3: CHEOW LAN LAKE – PHUKET (Breakfast/Lunch/-)

English-speaking guide and join-in group transfer and tours.

•    8:00 am Breakfast 
•    9:00 am Departure for a hike in the surrounding rainforest
•    12:00 pm Transfer back to the pier 
•    1:00 pm Transfer to Phuket

Imagine the scene: the dawn barely points, it must be 6 o'clock in the morning, and the sight of the lake covered by a layer of mist is poetic. No, you are not dreaming, you are in the heart of Khao Sok National Park in your floating bungalow. A unique and unforgettable sensation. 

It is after a last excursion into the lush jungle that you will return to dry land for new adventures


  • During the tour, private air-conditioned vehicle (except boats – Local taxi - etc)

  • Accommodation in double rooms in the indicated hotels.

  • The meals specified in the program

  • Your local English speaking guide according to your program.

  • Visits mentioned in the program and entrance fees to tourist sites and national parks.

  • Hotel taxes and service

  • Our 24-hour English-speaking hotline in case of emergency during your trip

Not included

  • Visa fees (If necessary)

  • Beverages and personal expenses

  • International flights

  • Domestic flights

  • Regional flights

  • The tips for the guides are about 5 USD per night per person.

  • Repatriation and Health Insurance

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